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As consumer behaviour started the 'unbundling' (cord cutting) of the cable and satellite networks in favour of eating their content in bite size chunks from a variety of providers will we see the same thing happen with the consumer trying to juggle multiple payments and subscriptions along with the confusion around not only the aggregated cost but who owns what along with a better understanding of the ROI?

It's obvious that the rights and license owners of the content we all want to consume from Movies, TV shows, and Sport need to be able to support the cost. 

After all we still pay for Cinema,Theatre, and Match Day tickets so why not?. 

But is the subscription model for gated content really sustainable when distribution platforms on social media are educating the consumer to pay for nothing - not even access?

Content Discovery - Not Ads

Content Discovery


The Advertising Industry Has a Problem: People Hate Ads.

 As advertisers bombard consumers across platforms like Twitch, Facebook, television, billboards and more, consumers are trying to get away, signing up for ad blockers and subscription services. 

 As with the global growth in consumer behaviour adopting take up of free to use social networks around the globe combined with Gen Z arriving into the workplace is it still a viable long term business model to get people to 'pay' for that content. 

 Is there an alternative? Can we get past this moment of fragmentation to create something that serves everyone’s greater interests?

We say yes.  

MMtv is a SDK that empowers content rights owners to keep audiences on a 'rights owners' content delivery platform when they experience what Google calls 'moments,' rather than letting audiences take their attention, traffic, profile data and purchasing power away to Google, Facebook or other mainstream search and social platforms. 

Example Solution

Content Solutions



What if there was a way to get audiences more involved in the content they're consuming, what if this was a fun, interactive and immersive experience and eventually lead to a shared commercial relationship?

Did you watch the short movie featured on our website?

 How big a ‘Star Wars’ & 'Indiana Jones' fan are you?


If you want to see how 'Star Wars' and 'Indiana Jones' started long before 'Episode One' and 'The Temple of Doom', this is one way to get the kids (and you) to find hidden content from a short movie spin off around what is a proven global movie franchise phenomenon..

All without those digital intrusions!!


'VCode' is an MMtv partner

How It Works

Discovering Hidden Content



MMtv's SDK Content Discovery Platform (CDP) delivers ‘enhanced content on-demand’, through a non-intrusive model where a consumer is made aware of the availability of enhanced content but is empowered to access it on their own terms directly on their primary screen or on a companion device screen, such as a smartphone or a tablet. . 

Immersive Audience Experiences


The enhanced content presented is a function of the the content being viewed, the profile of the consumer viewing the content and the intent of content and brand owners wishing to engage with the consumer. This ensures that the most relevant enhanced content is presented to the consumer to maximise that moment when the consumer is already engaged.

We're All Avoiding Intrusive Ads



 Content currency is the fuel of the modern internet economy, and community is its killer app. 

Today’s consumers are looking for evermore immersive experiences where extra information relevant to their current activity enhances their experience rather than detracts from it and access to related products and services are a convenience. 

What does MM.tv deliver?



MMtv is a ‘Content Trading Platform’ designed just for your marketing channels - The SDK is simply deployed as 'mobile first' on your chosen channel and our platform does everything else!

 – empowering audiences to remain with you.

It captures ‘search’ related curiosity that would otherwise have gone to Google.

It allows you (the audience owner) to commercially service & benefit from that search activity.

It provides you the ability to commercially ‘partner’ with like minded brands and content providers.

Driving incremental evergreen revenues from audiences.

Where does MM.tv fit?



MMtv is a Content Discovery Visual Search Engine that uses ‘ACR’ technology to interrupt the business model of Google by helping you ‘keep’ curious related search & generate revenue.   

Apps and Smart TVs

Recognise what we watch and listen to. Automatic content recognition (ACR) has been weaving its way into the smart device ecosystem for the past decade.   

ACR Technology 

Allows content to be identified without manual tagging. It works by analysing tiny fragments of images or sounds, then matching them to content that’s stored in an existing database. 

The Future for MM.tv



MMtv will be implemented with live and pre-programmed content via internet connected smartphones/tablets in 2020. 

It's goal is monetising content & providing audience insights (habits, behaviour, interest) directly from the broadcasters & publishers TV channels/streams, website, mobile apps and other viewing devices regardless of sector or format, with complete commercial  attribution to the publisher or broadcaster.

 If you would like to discuss how to utilise this for your brand by all means drop the team an email message below. 

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The MediaMagnet.tv growth strategy is to develop specific propositions for content and territory partners, in a similar manner to a franchise model.  This approach enables the rapid penetration of world markets by leveraging local expertise, language, culture, business connections and operating teams.

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